DUAL BAND 144/440 HT AMP, 35/45W OUT

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Add this Mirage dual band amp and boost your HT to 45 Watts on 2 Meters or 35 Watts on 440 MHz -- thats 50% more power on 2 Meters than 75% more power on 440 MHz than our nearest competition -- for $60 less than their list price!

Your handheld becomes a powerful mobile or base when you need it.

Turn "Youre breaking up ... Cant copy" into "Solid copy ... Go ahead."

Talk further ... reach distant repeaters ... log onto faraway packet bulletin boards.

works with all FM handhelds up to 7 watts. Power Curve chart shows typical output power for your input power.

Full Duplex Operation

Mirages exclusive FullDuplexAmp lets you talk on one band and listen on the other band at the same time -- just like a telephone conversation!

Mirage BD-35 gives you the most for your money! Heres why...

Automatic frequency band selection -- youll never forget to switch bands.

....Single input connector and single output connector both bands -- easy to use with dual band radios and antennas.

....First-class strip-line techniques -- superb RF performance and reliability.

....Custom wrap-around heatsink -- provides excellent heat distribution.

....Reverse Polarity Protection -- saves your amp if you connect power backward.

....Automatic RF sense transmit/receive switch -- makes operation easy.

....Low input SWR -- keeps your handheld safe from overheating.

...."On Air" LEDs -- tell you which band is transmitting.

....Free mobile mounting bracket.

....Small Size.

....Full one year Mirage warranty.